Racial Reconstruction

Building bridges through our love for God and our neighbor


Readiness with accelerated reading and graduation rates


Economic strategies with focused results


United faithful presence from neighbOURing


Improving systems for minimizing incarceration.

Join the Declaration

Together, we make this Declaration and sign it with a commitment to tear down racial walls and build bridges of peace, as we live out the message of reconciliation modeled by Jesus Christ.


Let’s hear your reconstruction story.

What is Racial Reconstruction?

I’ve always leaned the other way when I’ve seen the crowd moving in one direction or the other. I can’t explain why but if everyone else is doing it, I usually think it must be wrong. I remember a time prior to seminary where many in my faith circles were promoting this idea surrounding sowing […]

Can A Church Become Multi-Ethnic?

In my last blog titled, Integrating Worship in Segregated Communities, I made some fairly strong comments about my thoughts on whether a church could transform itself from a homogenous church into a multi-ethnic church. In the aftermath, I received some healthy pushback from both inside and outside of my ethnic community. I appreciated the opportunity […]

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